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Fri, 10 Feb 95 20:14 EST

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> John Ford notes that many people have had difficulty locating Gordon
> Cheer's Carnivorous Plants of the World. I read about a source here on
> this list last Nov - so for those of you who are looking for this book,
> here it is again:
> Discount Garden Books
> PO Box 8354
> Portland OR 97207-8354
> The price was $17.95 + $5.00 shipping. I bought a copy - it's worth it for
> the fine photographs and cultivation info, but has numerous minor errors.
> In particular, some photos are mis-labeled or switched. In one case, the
> same photograph is used to illustrate two different species - Genlisea
> repens and Utric. quelchii - not even in the same genus! (I recall someone
> on the list edited a CP book, and was upset that the publisher disregarded
> all their corrections - if this was the book, no offense is intended!)

When I saw this message around Jan 20, I ordered the book. It arrived
today. This is a very nice CP book, and although I have not read it through,
I am _very_ impressed by the photos and presentation. Many of the photos are
habitat shots, and most are exceptionaly clear and colorful (uh, except that
Triphyophyllum photo). Small distribution maps are provided for the genera.
A species list is provided in back (includes species authors on the names, and
it also lists hybrids). There is an interesting "field trip" section too.
At this price the book is a must-have!

(The full title is _Lett's Guide to Carnivorous Plants of the World_, by
Gordon Cheers. It has 174 pages and is hardcover, not to be confused with
the little paperback _Carnivorous Plants_ by Gordon Cheers.)