Re: S. purpurea

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 09 Feb 95 21:56 EST

> Here is yet another question from a complete amateur. I have read
> conflicting information about wintering S. purpurea. Some sources state
> that the plant requires very cool conditions and recommend cutting off
> the pitchers and placing the plant in cool storage. Another source (CPN
> as I recall) stated that the plants need the pitchers during the winter
> as that is where they store the nutrients required for Spring growth.
> Which is correct? One year I did cut off the pitchers and put the plant
> in the fridge. It grew fine. Currently has the old pitchers and is in my
> family room. Most of the pitchers are turning brown at the edges. Should
> these be cut off? Should I wait until the whole leaf is history before
> lopping it off? Any and all help will once again be most appreciated!
> John

S. purpurea doesn't "need" the old pitchers, but removing them does take
alot of the plant's stored nutrients away. On my adult plants there are
between 3-5 perfect (not dried at the edges) leaves per growth point while
active growth is happenning. I leave the older leaves on until they have
declined to the point when I consider them to be detractive to the
appearance of the plant. This leaves 6-8 pitchers at any given time. I
follow this through the winter and early spring by not removing the old
leaves until new one have grown to replace. Because of it's rest cycle
the plant just doesn't look too good for part of the year and that is
why I grow all Sarr. (except seedlings and cuttings) outdoors where they
can be mulched and/or covered with snow.

Dave Evans