Re: S. purpurea

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 09 Feb 95 22:58 EST

Hi John,
The same happenned here in Northern New Jersey but in a different
manner. Earlier, in November we had some freezing weather for about
a week (I should point out that we normally have freezing weather
from mid Nov. thru Feb. and into March, but this time around winter
didn't make his/her/it's appearance until last week.). The S. leuco-
phylla's were frozen solid, the ground and the water in the leaves.
Well a week and much warm weather later, the leuco's were back in
business catching bugs (mostly flies). In fact some of the pitchers
remained viable until beginning of Jan. thru many frost and freeze-
thaw periods.

Dave Evans