Re: help on plans

John Laroche (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 15:48:54 -0800

You wrote:
> I have down loaded the plans, and tried to decondense them.
>I do not understand how the condensation works for "zip" or "gif" files
>so all I got was the "plans.txt" and no graphics.
> Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe the unix
>system here just does not have the functions necessary to do this?
>We do have an old system here.
> Can you please give advise to the "neo-netters" like me on
>how to decondense the plans for the laminar flow hood? Or, if it is
>just my college's computer system being old, could I send you
>a SASE and ask for a hard copy of the plans? If so, could you post
>your address?
> **********SNIP************
Friends my experience is limited to the good ole PC, Unix: I know from
nothing....You Need the Pictures. They are not .gif, only plain old
Zip is a PC compression scheme, similar to say tar. To make everyone's
life easier, (and further complicate mine), you can request the plans
from me by snail mail; please do not freely distribute my address, I
live the life of a hermit and enjoy it.
John Laroche
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