help on plans

scott meissner (
Wed, 8 Feb 95 12:00:03 CST

>I am the author of the "infamous plans". They have been posted in the CP
>archives, Enjoy! Feel free to post any questions about them.
> Brought to you by:

I have down loaded the plans, and tried to decondense them.
I do not understand how the condensation works for "zip" or "gif" files
so all I got was the "plans.txt" and no graphics.
Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe the unix
system here just does not have the functions necessary to do this?
We do have an old system here.
Can you please give advise to the "neo-netters" like me on
how to decondense the plans for the laminar flow hood? Or, if it is
just my college's computer system being old, could I send you
a SASE and ask for a hard copy of the plans? If so, could you post
your address?


Scott T. Meissner
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McKendree College
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