Flowering pings

Christopher Waldrop (WALDROP@library.vanderbilt.edu)
Mon, 06 Feb 1995 09:33:03 -0600 (CST)

The first of my pings to flower has proven itself to be _P.caerulea_
beyond any shadow of a doubt. I was amazed that the flower has lasted
such a long time, but as long as it decides to remain, I'm not going
to complain.
Now I come to a slightly different problem. The second one--which I
also thought was _P.caerulea_ has not fully opened yet, but it is
obvious that it is going to have white flowers. I never knew there
was a white-flowered version of this plant, although in every other
respect the structure is the same. The only other noticeable
difference is the height of the scape. In the _P.caerulea_, it is
close to a foot in height, but the newer one is less than half that.
I considered that it could be _P.ionantha_, since that is one of the
few white flowered pings I've seen listed, but I've not seen this one
in bloom. Any ideas?