Re: CP digest 245

NBS/Haleakala Field Station (halesci@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 08:49:49 -1000

> Regarding the practices of various nurseries such as Peter Paul's. I
> believe we should be able to express our like or dislike of any
> distributor. However, in a litigious society there could be
> legal ramifications if accusations are made that they engage in illegal
> practices. I am not a lawyer so I don't claim to understand all the
> intricacies of this. I believe the safest way to post messages would be
> limiting it to personal testimonies of poor service. Let the group
> "read-between-the-lines" as to whether this indicates illegal
> environmental practices.

A company could rape the environment and provide excellent service, or
vice versa. Try not to get sued, but REAL INFO on solicitations of
field-collected plants/etc. are the kind of info that it's really hard to
come by and very valuable. Thanks to all--including to the above
poster-- for expressing concerns, viewpoints, and sharing info.

-Philip Thomas