Warrington, Pat (
Fri, 03 Feb 1995 10:00:00 -0800 (PST)

Greetings all: I have read ALL the archives and I am impressed with how much
knowledge exists in this group on the subject of CP s. I also note how
scattered this information is and how it cries out for organizing and editing
to create a book or manual on everything we know about CP s in an efficient
and easily retrieved form. This would be the ultimate FAQ resource for CPs. I
must be out of my mind but I am willing to be the editor of such an
undertaking IF THERE IS GENERAL SUPPORT for this activity. I would assume
that we would eventually maintain an electronic copy of this work in the
archives. Ok Rick? It would be a living, growing, document and take a long
time to compile. I do not have the know-how to write this myself, I am only
offering to organize and edit your contributions. I have done/am doing this
for aquatic plants in BC so I know what I am getting in for. IF there is
support for this I will post some suggested chapter headings for comment and
start press-ganging certain people for certain tasks. Comments please. Should
I forget this or is there any interest?-Pat. Please use the subject heading
THE BOOK for discussion/contributions on this topic.