RE: Peter Paul's

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Thu, 02 Feb 95 22:48 EST

> I have not dealt with Peter Paul's. However, their price list is included
> on the CP sell sheet available through this list. Perhaps their posting
> should be deleted if so many people agree that they are violating basic
> standards of plant conservation. I don't know what legal issues are
> involved, but I certainly think it's appropriate to decline advertising
> from those who sell large numbers of wild-collected plants.

Indeed. Why does it seem we've all done business with Peter Pauls? They
have been one of the best-advertised and long-lived of the CP providers.
They are listed in the "source" list in the back of nearly all CP books,
while the alternative businesses listed there are often defunct.

I second Barry's warning about potential lawsuits. I heard about such
happening in another newsgroup. There the FAQ file had discouraging
words about a certain business, which later threatened lawsuit against
the FAQ writer.

On the other hand, I think these stories about Peter Paul's have been
very valuable and quite entertaining! I'd hate to see us initiate
self-censorship out of fear. Perhaps we could use some legal counsil
in this matter. Is there a carnivorous lawyer in the room? :-)