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Peter Cole (
Thu, 02 Feb 1995 15:59:52 GMT

> From: (Barry Meyers-Rice)
> For Utrics with large bladders, you're making life hard for yourself looking
> for _U.humboldtii_ because this plant is considered very desireable to CPers
> and would be hard to obtain. I suggest you go with _U.longifolia_ which has
> quite respectable bladders and grows very quickly. You can let stolons grow
> into soil-free water and then obtain very nice views of the bladders. It is
> a vigorous grower and will tend to do this anyway out of the bottom of the
> pot!

Hmmm, this got me pondering, and I came to the conclusion that a
good way to deal with the relative invisibility of the 'best bits'
of Utrics and similar plants, while keeping a tidy tray, would be
to grow them in those cyanoacrylate beer glasses that seem to be
gaining favour at outdoor events and in certain pubs ( ones with
public order problems one suspects. ) Not the flimsy plastic,
throwaway ones ( though they would probably do OK too. ) Just
drill a couple of holes in the base and treat it as a normal pot.
Should look good for Genlisea too I guess. I know I've seen these
glasses sold in some shops as picnic-ware too.
For that matter with a carbide drill bit and a steady hand, you
could probably use a jam jar...

It might even make Dactylella or other carnivorous fungi interesting
to grow. Hell, there are 140 or so carnivorous Cryptograms out
there - that's more than there are species of Drosera! Anyone
know anything about these? - I don't remember any mention of them
since I've been on the list, but I'd sure be interested...

Happy growing,


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