Re: Peter Paul's

Harold Slater (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 20:12:55 -0500 (EST)

I too have a bad experience with Peter Paul's

I once needed to get a lot of live sphagnum moss in a hurry and
didn't really want to go out and collect some (lots and lots
near here) so I ordered a bushel from Peter Paul's. I called
them up and said I needed a bushel quickly and was it possible.
They said "No problem, if you pay by Visa will send it out tomorrow"
fine I said and thought I'd have it in a couple days. I'm only
200 km from them and the post should be quick. 2 weeks later
still hadn't received my moss. Called them up, "Sorry, we ran out
the day you called but are getting more today. We'll send it out
tomorrow." 2 weeks later moss still isn't here but Visa bill is, they
charged it the day I called. I called them up and got the same song.
This went on for 2 whole months when I finally got my soggy box
with a garbage bag full of moss. There was lots of ants and cranberry
and sticks and grass and whatever.

...once bitten, twice shy...