Re: Peter Paul's

Rupert G. Goldie (
Fri, 03 Feb 1995 15:38:59 +1100

"Michael.Chamberland" wrote:
> > I have not dealt with Peter Paul's. However, their price list is included
> > on the CP sell sheet available through this list. Perhaps their posting
> > should be deleted if so many people agree that they are violating basic
> > standards of plant conservation. I don't know what legal issues are
> > involved, but I certainly think it's appropriate to decline advertising
> > from those who sell large numbers of wild-collected plants.
> I second Barry's warning about potential lawsuits. I heard about such
> happening in another newsgroup. There the FAQ file had discouraging
> words about a certain business, which later threatened lawsuit against
> the FAQ writer.

The safest thing to do is simply not list Peter Paul's in the sell sheet
that way there is nothing defamatory/libellous but you're not promoting
them either.

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