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John Taylor (
Wed, 1 Feb 1995 22:22:59 +1100

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>For Utrics with large bladders, you're making life hard for yourself looking
>for _U.humboldtii_ because this plant is considered very desireable to CPers
>and would be hard to obtain. I suggest you go with _U.longifolia_ which has
>quite respectable bladders and grows very quickly. You can let stolons grow
>into soil-free water and then obtain very nice views of the bladders. It is
>a vigorous grower and will tend to do this anyway out of the bottom of the

I've also noticed that U. dichotoma will produce much larger bladders than
"normal" from the stolons growing out of the bottom of my pots (just in the
water tray - no soil). These larger bladders are at least a few millimetres

Another terrestrial is U. praelonga which has largish bladders (2 or more mm
across). I find this plant quite undemanding to grow. As a bonus, it has
large, attractive yellow flowers.

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