RE: off-topic topics (Thylacines)

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Mon, 30 Jan 95 13:11 EST

> Hi,
> I have enjoyed your postings about the thylacines. I have been toying with
> idea of setting up a cryptozoology list. Do you think this would be a good
> idea for a list?

I too have enjoyed the occasional off-topic foray ( and have been the
evil instigator of a few myself :-)

I don't mind seeing the off-topic discussions here. CP talk will naturally
wander off into many directions such as TC recipes, obscure taxonomic
quibbles,regional ecology and eco-politics, Sphagnum-induced pathologies, and
the like. These far reaches may be less enjoyable to one or the other reader
than a generalized Thylacine discussion. On the other hand, with posting
volume here ever on the rise, I can certainly understand the complaint about
off- topic subjects, when mail boxes may already be over-filled.

I'm not sure what cryptozoology is. I imagine zoological groups already
exist,and probably specific groups for some taxa like bats (or there should
be). But I probably wouldn't read them to answer a simple question, since
adding another newsgroup would REALLY overload my mailbox.

So I'd favor allowing off-topic discussions without sanctions. In my opinion
they offer welcome spice to the group. But the off-topic discussions
shouldn't be dragged on and on. After a time the interested/informed parties
(culprits) will be apparent, and should reroute their discussion to email.
Hopefull we can all manage to live by this is a courteous fashion? :-)