Re: OFF-TOPIC TOPIC - Thylacine rediscovered?

James Powell (
Mon, 30 Jan 95 10:16:53 -0500


> A while back the (off-)topic of Thylacines came up. A day or so ago, there
> was a news report that a National Parks Ranger (or similar) has sited a
> Thylacine in NE Tasmania. The NPs are investigating the siting further, but
> it seems to be a fairly reliable one. Looks like the Tassie Tiger isn't
> extinct afterall!

> :r.sig



I have enjoyed your postings about the thylacines. I have been toying
with the idea of setting up a cryptozoology list. Do you think this
would be a good idea for a list?

On another topic, I am planning a trip to Australia/Malaysia in December.
Coincidentally, Tasmania is one of my destinations. Where do you live in
Australia? I could use some pointers about places to see as I am just now
understanding how large Australia really is...


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