CD-rom, IK, RE: Hello

Wed, 18 Jan 1995 22:37:47 +0100 (CET)

I will answer some questions from yesterdays digest:

Andreas wrote yesterday:

>How much is the CD-ROM?

About Dfl 3000,- (That's about $1700,- )

>Where can one get it?

Oxford press, if you are still interested :)

>How often are the updates published?

The disc we have now, is the first one, so there is no update yet, somebody
from our deartment wrote a letter to the publisher with this question, but we
have no answer yet.... Maybe they don't know it themselve..:-)

John wrote:

>does anyone know if there is a gopher or telnet site out there that offers
>the Index?

No, not that I know. I know they are busy with that at the Kew Herbarium, but
not ready yet, I presume. We want to connect our CD-rom with our internal
network first, and I don't think it will become available on internet on a
short term. The problem is also that you need special software to use the CD-
rom, maybe it's possible to supply this also by internet, but I'm no computer

Jan wrote:

>>Well, I searched in the Index Kewensis on CD-rom, and there isn't a P.

>Before I published the very 1st edition of my nomenclatural synopsis
>(1987), I have of course had searched the Index Kewensis (IK), too. Thus, a
>name of a cp not included in my synopsis (available from the archives of
>this list; Index Kewensis isn't) or in the www database is probably not
>worth IK research.

Sorry, I didn't knew of the existance of this synopsis, but I have to say
that the IK on CD-rom is updated up to and including 1993, so it's a little
(only very little) more up to date. I don't think that a lot of Ping's are
added since 1987, but you never know. (I didn't check the P. greenwoodii.. :))
In Utricularia a lot more happened since 1987 I presume, because in 1990
Peter Taylors monography was published.
BTW: searching on CD-rom costs me less than 5 minutes.....

>For everybody who doesn't know what my synopsis is: it does include also
>quite a lot (I hope most) of the early infraspecific taxa (which were
>omitted in the first vols. of IK;

OK, I didn't know that.

I do of course invite any comment on (and especially improvement of) my
synopsis, however.

>the resulting name being a "nomen vacuum".

Yeah, great :-)

and finally, Neal and Magdalena:

>Martin, Thanks so much for you support. Magdalena and I will stick with
>just the seeds (so it's not to expensive)

OK, I will send it to you on monday.

>we will also reimburse you for any postage costs.

not necessary, it's only one stamp! Perhaps, if you have collected some more
plants after some time you can send me back some seed which I don't have,
that'll do.

All the best, Martin