cancer warning! (was Re: Alternative growing media)

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 18:34:30 +0100


> I have on occassion received nepenthes cuttings rooted in hydrophilic
>rockwool. They seem to do well, although I was cautioned that not all species
>like it.

One of the species who do allegedly not like it is _Homo sapiens_. Indeed,
rockwool fines are suspected to increase the risk of pneumonic cancer if
inhaled (nearly as dangerous as asbestos fibres).

It is only considered dangerous to handle (dry) rockwool in large amounts
without protection for protracted periods of time so far but you should be
careful, anyway. Avoid (ingestion or) inhalation.

You do not need to throw any plants away, but I would not recommend
rockwool as a growing media for the reason mentioned.

This message is not a joke (for a change).
Kind regards