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Tue, 10 Jan 95 17:51:40 +0000

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I only just read your mail!

>Hello Everybody!
>I have recently joined this list and are amazed
>that there is such a huge interest in carnivorous
>plants. My name is Magnus and I am a ph.d-student
>in Plantecology in the Lund University in Sweden.
>I work with Pinguicula alpina, P. villosa and P.
>vulgaris in a subarctic environment (Abisko,
>Sweden). The goal of my study is to describe
>their resource use, investment in reproduction and
>cost of reproduction. It's great to work with
>Pinguicula, no stupid root system that gets in the
>way and easy to fertilize just add a fly.
>I have only done field experiment sofar but would
>like to grow Pinguiculas in greenhouses in the
>Is there any books on growing Pinguiculas or
>carnivorous plants in greenhouses?
>I don't grow cp at home for the moment but will
>start when I get time and a place to grow them.
>See you
>Magnus Thor`n
>Department of Plantecology
>Institute of Ecology
>Lunds Univeristy
>Ecology Building
>S-223 62 Lund

I am very interested in Pinguicula and own the National
Collection of Pinguicula in the UK. I have about 60 named
species, forms, varieties, etc. and try to travel to coillect

To my knowledge there are no books on Pinguicula. I am happy
to let you know what I have learnt or to answer questions
Equally, if you want particular plants I may be able to grow on
spares so that I can mail them to you in warmer weather!

I have been to Sweden (I have friends in Digital's Stockholm
Office) and the Botanic Garden there has suggested it would fing
P. villosa for me, but each time they try they apologise for
failing! I have P. vulgaris but not the bicolor form.
I do not have any Pings from named locations in Sweden.

Obviously, if you have spare of any I would be interested in them
in the future. However, my intention was to introduce myself
and offer myself as a possible source of information and/or plants
if it would be helpful to you.