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Clarke Brunt (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 21:34:37 +0000

David Johnson writes:
> I am interested in propagating CPs from seed. I have read about sowing seed
> on composts in pots. Is it more efficient to grow them in sterile
> flasks? I already grow orchids from seed in sterile flasks. Does
> someone out there do this?

There are quite a few people around here who will no doubt tell
you about this, but it is not for everyone (not yet for me,
anyway). CP are no problem sown normally, as long as you pay
regard to their likes of moisture, non-alkaline conditions, and
(for most) little or no nutrients.

And while writing - I didn't realise that British Post Codes were
a problem to people :-) We don't think of them as a guide to where
a place is over here, just as something to help the Post Office
get things there quicker, and anyway, the whole country would
probably fit in one of your zones in the US or Canada.

Clarke (CB4 2AS - the 'CB' bit is for Cambridge)

Clarke Brunt (