Nepenthes pollen

Andreas Wistuba (
10 Jan 1995 12:54:00 +0200

Hello all,

Within the next weeks I will have fresh N. dubia pollen available. Anyone
interested please contact me.

Does anybody have fresh pollen available now? -
_Very_ _soon_ I ll have N. glabrata and N. dentata x glabrata flowering
(buth female). Any pollen is welcome, but I need it really very soon..

Pollen storage:
I tried different methods without success so far. However in recent times
I also did not have luck using fresh pollen:-(
So I can hardly say what went wrong.

However recently I received some hints on how to improve storage technique
and I m willing to continue doing experiments.

Any pollen is welcome.

Of cause any resulting seeds will be shared.

All the best


Andreas Wistuba
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