tissue culture & seed questions

Brian Obrien (bobrien@gac.edu)
Mon, 9 Jan 95 16:36:53 CST

With regard to Clinton Morse's question:

>One question regarding the current thread though... Are most of you raising
>seedlings in vitro (similar to orchids) or are any of you doing asexual
>meristem culture?

When `tissue culture' has been referred to in the recent posts, I have
assumed that these were meristem cultures - but I've probably been
predisposed to thinking that through orchid growing. If the cultures are
not from meristems, which type of tissue is used, and which is the best,
for various types of cp's?

I am also curious as well about the possibility of in vitro raising of cp's
from seed. Can any advantages be realized by doing this, compared to
germination in ordinary media?



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