Re: We can save the world (wa...
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 11:57:14 -0500

Dear Andeas,
We have all been greatly amused and have learned a great deal from this
Please continue. We will all have questions enough when our seeds start to
I see no resolution to the arguements other than in a whole different tack,
and that is in education. Rainforest for most of us are unreal. So how many
of you started this obsession at age 12 or yournger? Aren't you more aware
of the problems of the rainforest for it? Don't exclude the educational
resource from the process.
The science of genetics is leaping forward in great strides. Who knows what
will come of all this work.
Since most of us cannot just pop off to Borneo for the weekend to collect
seed, some of us are grateful that we can at least view the plants.
OK, I haven't had my coffee yet,
Michael- It is always a bad idea to point at someone else. Chances are you
have no idea what this person is doing personally either for the rain forest,
or Chechnea.