Re: Pings

Christopher Waldrop (
Mon, 09 Jan 1995 07:54:52 -0600 (CST)

Regarding the Peter Pauls Pings:

> Are the orbs still what they were, or have they developed into flowers
> already? For ID of _Pinguicula_ spp., flowers are necessary. Try to
> measure the length of the spur (backward pointing appendage to the
> corolla lower lip) and the dimension and relative positions of the
> corolla (coloured flower parts) lobes.

I checked them last night, and one appears to be forming a scape
separate from the "orbs", which have expanded in size. They're
starting to look like they may be new plants budding from the parent,
despite the reddish tinge, but I had thought these would form on the
outer leaves (as in the case with primuliflora) rather than in the center
of the rosette.
I've been hoping for some time now that either one of these will
bloom, because maybe then I'll be able to ID them.