Re: Plants for Sale
Sat, 7 Jan 1995 00:45:19 -0700 (MST)

> Topics of interest to the group include:
> 1) Cultivation and Propagation of CP's
> 2) Field observations of CP's
> 3) Sources of CP material
> 4) CP trading between members
> This includes reasonable postings of "plants for sale".

I support this. I don't want to be flooded with for sale messages, but
on the other hand it would be nice to know what is available and at what
cost. many newbies like myself don't have much access to CP sources, and
it seems that exports from the US to Canada (uh, legal exports that is)
have been banned for many CP species, reducing the sources even further.
(Okay I support restrictions designed to prevent wild harvesting of CPs,
but I don't see why restrictions should be placed on certified
greenhouse-raised plants). So I am interested in seeing what is
available and at what cost...if I don't wish to buy then I don't have to.