Plants for Sale

Rick Walker (
Fri, 06 Jan 1995 19:30:59 -0800

Thanks Barry,

> There's been some discussion about the appropriateness of using the
> newsgroup as a market place. I've got a few thoughts on this...

As our group charter indicates:

Topics of interest to the group include:

1) Cultivation and Propagation of CP's
2) Field observations of CP's
3) Sources of CP material
4) CP trading between members

This includes reasonable postings of "plants for sale".

If you are personally squeamish about this, or have a huge list that
you think would be inappropriate to post, then:

1) send me your commercial list.
2) I will put in it the archives
3) you can then post a short note telling interested
parties where to find your information

Just to remind everyone: There is a consolidated price list of
commercial sources in the archives under "cp.sellerlist". This list
is only as good as the contributions I receive. Please send me
new updates as you can!

Dear Jeffrey,

> When referring to the BAP, are the concentrations in percentages, or is that
> mg/L? I assume percentages, but just to be safe.

It is mg/L. Also, I have not had much success with 0.5MS media for
Nepenthes. Several have germinated and died. I think it may be too
strong of a mix for certain species (?)

Dear James,

I was just trying to isolate a problem I *think* I'm having...
I have sent a few messages to the list, but I don't see them (since I
subscribe to the list, I usually see the messages I post).

The default is for the listserver to *not* send a carbon copy back to
the originator. This cuts down on needless email. If you want to see
your postings, either change your mail mode to ACK or DIGEST.

Rick Walker