Loss of messages...

Houston, James A. (JH2@scires.com)
Fri, 06 Jan 95 17:45:10

Hi gang,

I was just trying to isolate a problem I *think* I'm having...
I have sent a few messages to the list, but I don't see them (since I
subscribe to the list, I usually see the messages I post).

What's bothering me about this is that I see responses to messages I
wrote...but I don't see the post I made. That makes me wonder....
My mailer here at work is up and down like a yo-yo, it could be that.
Is it normal practice for senders to NOT get messages that they post?
If everyone who posts messages on the list - gets that same message
because they are on the list, I'm missing many many messages because
our system administrators here just reboot the computer when they have
problems - I'm starting to wonder if they are trashing my in/out email
by doing that. Sorry to bother you with this, I'm just trying to
figure out what's going wrong with my email.


Jim Houston