Re: Tissue Culture of Drosera

Andreas Wistuba (
05 Jan 1995 22:37:00 +0200

> I was wondering if some of you out there could
> give me some advice on tissue culture of
> Drosera (D. capensis and D. binata
> specifically)? I am an undergraduate student
> taking a class on tissue culture and my
> professor has given us a project where we
> choose a plant (such as a house plant) to
> reproduce through this method.

Droseras are not very difficult to grow and propagate but tricky to
getting them into culture via the vegetative parts as they re quite soft
and delicate. Try to grow them from _seeds_ which _are_ _easy_ _to_
_sterilize_ and easy to germinate in vitro.

> One piece of
> information I need right away is what culturing
> media is appropriate so that I can get it ready
> ASAP (my teacher gave us two days

!!! %-\

> to find this
> out!).

Try 2/3 strength of Knudsen C without hormones for germination.
For propagation you have to try what Cytokinine gives you best results.
Sorry, but I ve never grown D. capensis or D. binata in vitro and
optimizing propagation rates is always trial and error.

> I have not been able to find any
> sources on tissue culturing Drosera, so any
> information you have or you could direct me to
> would be greatly appreciated.

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