Tissue Culture of Drosera

Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Thu, 05 Jan 1995 12:35:02 -0800

Dear Kyle,

> I was wondering if some of you out there could give me some advice on
> tissue culture of Drosera (D. capensis and D. binata specifically)?
> I am an undergraduate student taking a class on tissue culture and my
> professor has given us a project where we choose a plant (such as a
> house plant) to reproduce through this method. One piece of
> information I need right away is what culturing media is appropriate
> so that I can get it ready ASAP (my teacher gave us two days to find
> this out!). I have not been able to find any sources on tissue
> culturing Drosera, so any information you have or you could direct me
> to would be greatly appreciated.

It has been some time since we've discussed TC formulas. I'm also just
a beginner, but here is a list summarizing what I know (with great
appreciation to Jan Schlauer, Andreas Wistuba, and Tom Hillson for their
input!) If anyone else can add to this list, please do!

Summary of CP Tissue Culture Formulas and References by
Family and Genus:

Sarraceniaceae {DUMORT.}
Darlingtonia {TORR.}
Heliamphora {BENTH.}
Sarracenia {L.}
- 2/3 Knudsen C(*) with BAP, ABA for mult and root
- 1/6 MS, is second choice
Byblidaceae {DOMIN}
Byblis {SALISB.}
- Sigmas modified MS (1/2 x macro-, 1 x micro-)(M0153) + BAP,
IBA sometimes vitrification trouble with B.gigantea
- Bunn 1985. Australian Horticulture. 83(5):103
Cephalotaceae {DUMORT.}
Cephalotus {LABILL.}
- Sigmas modified MS (1/2 x macro-, 1 x micro-)(M0153)+BAP, IBA
- In vitro propagation of Cephalotus follicularis (Australian
Pitcher Plant). HortScience 14, 521-513
Droseraceae {R.A.SALISB.}
Aldrovanda {L.}
Dionaea {SOLAND. ex ELLIS}
- Hutchinson 1984. Scienta Horticulturae 22:189-194.
- Beebe 1980. Bot. Gaz.141(4):396-400.
- Parliman et al. 1982. J.Amer.Soc.Hort.Sci. 107(2):305-310.
- Parliman et al. 1982. J.Amer.Soc.Hort.Sci. 107(2):310-316.
Drosera {L.}
- 2/3 Knudsen C (*)
- Janssens 1986. Med.Fac.Landbouww.Rijksuniv.Gent. 51(1):61-66.
- Anthony, J. (1992). In vitro propagation of Drosera spp.
HortScience 27, 850.
Drosophyllum {(L.) LINK}
Nepenthaceae {DUMORT.}
Nepenthes {L.}
- 2/3 Knudsen C(*)with 0.2-2mg/L BAP for mult. Rooting horm.
not neces.
- Anderson's may be used also (N. ephippiata likes it).
- Lowland only: (DeKanel) .5 MS, 20g/L Sucrose, 6g/L agar.
w/ 0.1-0.2 BAP multiplying
w/ 2mg/L IBA rooting
Dioncophyllaceae {(ENGL. & GILG) AIRY-SHAW}
Dioncophyllum {BAILL.}
Habropetalum {AIRY SHAW}
Triphyophyllum {AIRY SHAW}
Lentibulariaceae {L.RICH.}
- Bill Carroll's media (ICPN v11 n4 12/82 pp. 93-96) <JS>
- 1:5 MS
Genlisea {ST.HIL.}
- 1/5 MS for G.pygmaea
Pinguicula {L.}
- Adams et al. 1979. HortScience 14(6):701-702.
Utricularia {L.}
-Pringsheim & Pringsheim esp. for aquatics
Amer.J.Bot.49:898-901 (1962)
-Carrols's ONLY for large-lvd. sp: U.alpina, longifolia,

*= You may add 37,26mg/l Na2EDTA and 27,8 mg/l FeSO4 x 7H2O.
I always add the MS-vitamins to the Knudsen C medium.

General References:

1. Achieving the sterile state for home tissue culture, Part I,
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Rick Walker