Re: You want pictures??

Houston, James A. (
Thu, 05 Jan 95 11:34:24

I have to start this message off by simply saying "wow".
>Sorry this is so late but, having just returned from Xmas hols, I
>couldn't resist rersponding to the initial hornets nest of Marcel
>Lecoufle's book and it's "*best*" status.
Paul, the book is a good book. I believe I was the one who started
the whole discourse (your Subj. line is one I sent) because at that
time I was new to the world of
CPs. My wife works at the library and was bringing home book after
book on the subject. The book by Marcel Lecoufle was my favorite one
out of all of the books she brought home - yes, because of the
pictures. do deserve some credit as well! Please don't
feel badly about some criticism. As far as I am concerned, the book
in conjunction with the text is *very* good for people who are new to
the hobby. I am a novice CP grower, like most people. The majority
of people on this list are experts, and most knowledgeable. My only
question about the textual content was that Drosera Spatulata was
spelled D. Spathulata. No big deal, but I wanted to be correct when I
spoke of this plant among professional CP growers, that's all. I find
the book most informative otherwise.
>I am that technical editor.
And I am impressed to find that out too. I have the book in my hands
as I type, and sure enough, you *are* the Tech. Ed.
My first brush with CP greatness!!
>The review was totally correct in criticising Marcel's knowledge and
>text and in criticising the English translation from original French.
>However, I wrote (and still have a copy of) a three page criticism of
>the text and translation, which I sent to the publishers. I offered
>assistance in correcting the errors if given direct access to Marcel.
>Unfortunately the offer was refused, the book was published with
>errors intact and my name printed as technical editor without my
I seriously doubt that people will hold the technical editor
responsible for a book. Readers never understand the politics that
goes on behind the scenes like that, because we are not privy to that

In closing Paul, I like the book, I bought the book, and I use it as a
reference book. The text is not as bad as some people seem to think.
Again, I get most of my information from that book first, then I refer
to other books or to this list for specifics. I love this list, the
people on this list are genuine CP lovers and are very sincere and

Is there any way you can post the 3 page letter to the publisher which
should squelch any of the textual inconsistencies? Most of us have
the book in question (I think).

Jim Houston