CP Grow-Box

Houston, James A. (JH2@scires.com)
Tue, 03 Jan 95 17:37:42

Hi gang,

Over Christmas, I visited a friend who is growing peppers and tomatoes
in a 2'x4'x2' box that he built himself. He has between 8 - 10 pepper
plants with only one tomato plant growing in this box.

Why am I writing this? Since he built it himself, I think I can build
one myself too, and I know it would work for CPs. The box cost my
friend around $200 to build including 8 lights inside producing over
25,000 lumens. I was amazed. He can't find the guy's address who
designed the grow box, but as soon as he finds it (shortly) I can send
it along to you if you like. The plans cost $20.00 and they are drawn
up by an electrical engineering firm. That's all I know about it
right now, but I was amazed at how healthy his pepper plants were, and
thought some of you might be interested; this is by no means an
endorsement of any kind - since you build this box yourself.

Email me if you're interested off-line: jh2@scires.com

Happy CP growing!!

Jim Houston