CP source for beginners

Alexander Salomon (RS6111A@american.edu)
Tue, 03 Jan 95 16:21:30 EST

Well, I have recently been going through this pile of garden catalogs
that in- evitably begin to accrue this time of the year if one has ever
ordered from Burpee or whichever other company it was who sold my name
10 million times. Anyway, I was looking through one from Gurney's Seed
and Nursery Company. On page 29, they offer a few CPs-not cheap but
available for those without a local source. They offer VFTs 1 at $4.09,
2-3 @ $3.85/plant and 4 or more for $3.45. They also offer a
"carnivorous Kit"-which consists of "a trumpet plant , A VFt and a
pitcher plant. From the appearance, they mean, S.flava, S.purp, and
Dionea. This kit is offered at 1 @ $8.75, 2-3 @ $8.15 and 4 or more for
$7.35. This is not an endorsement of the firm-I have never ordered
from them
and do not know the source of their plants. If anyone is Inteerested,
their address is Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co.
110 Capital Street Yankton,
South Dakota 57079
phone number-(605)665-1671
If anyone does decide to offer, I would inquire first as to the source
of plant s and would discourage purchase of any field collected plants