Re: Sphagnum and health

R Britt (
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 12:09:02 -0800 (PST)

Yes, it is very important to not directly come in contact with live
sphagnum. The major health hazard is uncontrolled growth of all tissues,
resulting eventually in attacks by USAF figher/bombers.

On Mon, 2 Jan 1995, Michael.Chamberland wrote:

> > Recently I was watching MST 3K (a TV show) which presented the old horror
> I wouldn't place too much confidence in information gleaned from that show.
> :-)
> > flick _The Amazing Colossal Man_. At the beginning of the movie the main
> > character gets burnt horribly. In the operating room scene, I'm SURE you
> > can see the doctors packing the burn victim with moist Sphagnum. I'M NOT
> > JOKING! REALLY! I recall reading it was used as surgical dressing in earlier
> > times. Any medicos in this group know about the use of Sphagnum in wound
> > care?
> Hey, last I heard about Sphagnum from this group was the recommendation to
> wear gloves and a filter mask when dealing with the stuff! What gives!?
> Michael