Sphagnum and health

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Mon, 02 Jan 95 14:38 EST

> Recently I was watching MST 3K (a TV show) which presented the old horror

I wouldn't place too much confidence in information gleaned from that show.

> flick _The Amazing Colossal Man_. At the beginning of the movie the main
> character gets burnt horribly. In the operating room scene, I'm SURE you
> can see the doctors packing the burn victim with moist Sphagnum. I'M NOT
> JOKING! REALLY! I recall reading it was used as surgical dressing in earlier
> times. Any medicos in this group know about the use of Sphagnum in wound
> care?

Hey, last I heard about Sphagnum from this group was the recommendation to
wear gloves and a filter mask when dealing with the stuff! What gives!?