Re: CP video show
Sat, 31 Dec 1994 13:30:58 -0500

I won't say that Heyerdahl is 100%, but alot of those hypothesis come from
some anomalies between S.American culture and Asian Culture. Like, it is
difficult to tell, without some training, if an artifact is from China, or is
Mayan from a set time. Also, there were legends and certain genetic patterns
on Easter Island, which no doubt could be proved in a lab, but it dosn't make
for great books.
I think Heyerdahl did it because it looked like great fun.
He is also the first one to admit that his basic hypothosis was wrong.
(i.e.-that ocean going ships had to be made out of wood.)
It is more likely that the Polinesians made it to S. America and taught the
Mayans how to make boats and not the other way around. They, after all, know
how to navigate without the stars.