CP video show

Steven Klitzing (stevek@informix.com)
Fri, 30 Dec 94 12:59:03 -0800


I've been thinking of creating a weekly carnivorous plant
television show for syndicated distribution. I'm going to
call it...

"In Search of the Mysterious World of Carnivorous Plants"

Here are some ideas for episodes...

WEEK 1: UFO sightings in Indonesia over stands of Nepenthes

WEEK 2: Bigfoot Spotted near bog of Darlingtonia in Oregon

WEEK 3: Loch Ness Monster attacks Scottish Ping Grower on vacation

WEEK 4: Ghost of Stonewall Jackson haunts Sarracenia Bog in Georgia

WEEK 5: U.S.S. Cyclops swallowed by VFT in Bermuda Triangle

WEEK 6: Arthur C. Clarke disappears near Heliamphora stand on Tepui

WEEK 7: Ruins of Atlantis buried under patch of Sundews

WEEK 8: Ancient Egyptians build pyramid to contain CP collection

WEEK 9: Psychic Cephalotus used by Nostradamus to predict future

WEEK 10: Lief Ericsson discovers S. Leucophylla 400 years before

WEEK 11: Edwin Drood appears out of nowhere holding S. Rubra in hands

WEEK 12: Avenger Flight 19 flies into Nepenthes Ventricosa pitcher

WEEK 13: Aliens land on Mount Kinabalu and perform CP mutilation

WEEK 14: Judge Crater disappears near aquatic Utricularis patch

WEEK 15: Yuri Geller bends Sarracenia pitchers with his mind

WEEK 16: Thor Heyerdahl proves that pings came to America on
Egyptian raft

WEEK 17: Eric Von Dannikan discusses new book "Chariots of the Drosera".

WEEK 18: (finale) Leonard Nimoy and Arthur C. Clarke battle each
other in a furious game of "Stratego".