RE: Arthur C. Clarke

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Fri, 30 Dec 94 14:54 EST

> Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World is amusing in one sense.
> Every show delves into some mystery, whether it's Yeti, Bigfoot,
> Dinosaurs attacking pygmies, etc, and it goes on for 30 minutes
> in a highly credible fashion talking about incredible things.
> Then, just as it gets you to the point of believing all these
> things are true, Arthur C. Clarke pops in at the end of the
> show and says "Of course, there is no scientific basis for
> any of what you have just seen and in my opinion this is all
> wild fantasy and the effects of mental processes which we
> do not yet understand, and therefore it must all be discounted."


Yup, I VERY much doubt that Arthur C. Clarke has ANYTHING to do with
the writing and presentation of these flicks. He's just a figurehead
they're using. He makes a few bucks off his commentary at the end.
Actually, I'm glad he'll dismiss the unscientific aspects of the program.
Kind of sets you back on sure footing.

But it's frustrating to be given a handful of tantalizing hear-say
information without serious investigation.

> It reminds me of that other identical and horrible 30 minute
> show from the 1970's, the one hosted by Leonard Nimoy, called
> "In Search Of". They did the same thing. Makes me think these

My thoughts exactly! :-)