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Charlotte Vandaveer (
Fri, 30 Dec 1994 01:00:47 -0500 (EST)

Hi, Barbara. Welcome to the discussion group. I first got hooked on cp's
with Venus Fly-traps. They are really fun as you can feed them and there
is action. My hubby calls my bog "Renfield Acres"--hee, hee! Hee, hee!
Hee, hee!;-) VFT's and Sarracenia purpureas are quite easy. The medium
must be acid and they like wet feet, but not with tap water. And both do
like a dormancy period. Good luck.
Happy trapping,

On Thu, 29 Dec 1994, Barbara Weintraub wrote:

> I've been reading the CP mailing list for nearly a month, and have been
> impressed with the scientific slant of discussions. I am interested in all
> kinds of native flora, but haven't tried growing any carnivorous plants
> yet, since they will require specialized (indoor) conditions here in
> northern New Mexico.
> I received a book called (I think) "Lett's Guide to Carnivorous Plants of
> the World" as a gift. I found several species of Drossera, Pinguicula and
> Utricularia appealing, particularly because of small size, beauty of
> flowers, and plant shape or structure. Any suggestions for 'starter'
> plants?
> Much thanks for letting me listen in!
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> Barbara L. Weintraub
> Zone 5 at 6000' in northern New Mexico