Nathan Craig (
Wed, 28 Dec 1994 18:32:58 -0800 (PST)

Hello all

My name is Nathan Craig, and I am new to this list so
introductions are in order. I have actually been reading the
conversations for a couple of days now. I have been growing CP's on and
off for the past five years. As an anthropology student, I travel a lot
and it is difficult to maintain a garden. Nonetheless, I try. My
interest in CP's takes multiple forms, from cultivation to evolution and
human relations.
I have seen in "Native American Herbology" mention of the use of
Sarracenia as a cold treatment. The reference is very general, does
anyone have more specific information on this one. Also I am interested
in other references of human/CP interactions and uses. Furthermore, does
any one have stories about indigenous perceptions of CP that they may
have picked up while in the field.
Finally, the list looks interesting. I have enjoyed the files
and the conversation. I am happy to see such an active interest in CP's
occurring over the internet!

Nathan Craig