Re: Hydroponicly grown CP's?

Clarke Brunt (
Tue, 27 Dec 1994 23:47:17 +0000

I would have thought that our normal mode of growing CP
was close to being a hydroponic method. i.e. for
Drosera and Sarracenia etc planted in peat or
peat/sand (maybe sphagnum moss, but I don't use it)
and stood in rainwater.

I can't speak about Nepenthes, but from what I hear,
the idea is similar, but the soil includes bark and
other things to make it more 'airy', the plants are
*not* stood in water, and plant food is sometimes

What exactly is the definition of 'hydroponic'? Is it
any system where the 'soil' has no nutrients of its
own and everything is supplied in solution? Even when
the soil *does* have nutrients, they have to dissolve
in water to be absorbed by the plant, so I don't really
see what the difference is.

Clarke Brunt (