Claus Rodemer (CRODEMER@urz-mail.urz.uni-heidelberg.de)
Wed, 28 Dec 1994 11:49:51 CET-1CST

Hi there,
I'm new on this list and I want to introduce myself. I'm studying
Biology in Heidelberg and I have cp's since 2-3 years. That are :
Drosera capensis,D.rotundifulia,Pinguicula vulgaris and a Dionaea.
They flourish like crazy, even now in December (besides of Dionaea).
BTW, does anyone know some good books about cp's (in Engl.or German.)?
Hope that I can ask some silly questions ,too, because I'm no expert.

Greetings and a good year 1995 to everyone.
Claus Rodemer , Heidelberg.