Winter CP food

Steven Klitzing (
Tue, 27 Dec 94 08:43:06 -0800

Hi all:

I searched outside, in the cold, for bugs that I could feed my
Drosera and Nepenthes. I couln't find one bug anywhere. Then,
I opened my Smith and Hawken composter, to turn the heap, and
gadzooks, there were fistfuls of little bugs all staying warm
in the compost heap! I grabbed four stink bugs, chopped them
up, and fed them to the Drosera and Nepenthes. The Drosera
really liked them and curled up around them within 24 hours.
The Nepenthes will let me know at a slower rate, with new
leaves. So, if you can't find winter bugs, start a compost
heap and go fish! It's a magnet for bugs.

My N. Mirabillis cutting from Tom in Florida has survived the
transition to the greenhouse and seems to be doing well as
it's unfurling it's first true leaf. Pretty neat to watch
a miracle like that!