Re: Orchids and CP

Sat, 17 Dec 94 12:15:23 -0500

Just thought I'd mention that I also have orchids and cp growing
together (even in the same pot). I have a large (12 or 14") pot with a
S. leucophylla and a Spiranthes cernua growing together. The Sarracenia
produces pictures and the Spriranthes flowers every fall with about 5 or
6 flower spikes (with numerous small white flowers for those unfamiliar
with this species.) I also have a small Dendrobium kingianum (SP?)
growing in a Nepenthes khasiana pot. Most of my plants are in a
greenhouse so growing conditions are not as fickle but I just thought
I'd say my $0.02. BTW, the leucophylla and Spiranthes have been
together for around 10 years now.

See ya'll
Keith Schoen