Orchids and CP

John Rising (peredur@usa.net)
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 21:01:02 -0700 (MST)

Just a quick reply to Trisha's question. I am successfully growing both
orchids and carnivorous plants in the same area. The lighting and
humidity works great for both. All I do is have each pot sitting in a
separate dish. The orchids I keep dry, the CP's I sit in water.
Usually, I wait until the saucer is almost dry and then fill it
full for the CP's. This seems to work great for VFT, and Drosera. I
expect that the pitcher plants require more water than that though.
Currently the plants are in a south window. I will getting a
metal halide light fixture, humidifier, and fan in the basement this
Springs for both types of plants. By the way, my cephalotus is about 3
years old. It's largest pitchers are only about 3/4", the smallest are
eraser size. It has never flowered. I keep the ground damp but not wet.
Humidity in the area varies from 40-50%. Is there anything I should
change? I want higher humidity but am not able to in a windowsill area.
Welcome to the group Trisha.