I'm back (was I gone?)

Paul Temple (temple_p@bst.dec.com)
Fri, 16 Dec 94 17:39:33 +0000

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Sorry to post this to everyone but, for those who missed me (I've been
incommunicado for about 6 weeks) I thought I'd announce I'm back.

My father was taken ill and rushed by ambulance to hospital. I also
got given a major project to manage (move all my 500 colleagues at work
so that we could close down almost half the building and still house
everyone - all 600 - in the remaining half. All to be done in 2.5
weeks with minimum budget. This is my consultancy spewciality in case
anyone cares - called Flexible Working.)

The point of this mail was to say I am still alive, interested and just
about to read all my backlog. If I respond in reverse order to mails
sent, apologies.

Oh yes, I'm actually on holiday so going off-line as of tonight until 2
January. So other than any mails I send, merry Christmas and happy new
year to y'all.