Re: Greetings

Christopher Waldrop (
Wed, 07 Dec 1994 10:57:45 -0600 (CST)

According to what the books say, they shouldn't be going into their
"winter rosettes" for a while yet. (I'm not sure what the specific
designated time frame for "late winter" is.) Right now mine is, like
yours, large, lush, healthy, and gorging itself on small gnats (I
never knew how bug-infested my house was). I'll wait and see, but I'm
also concerned about the lack of flowers. Does the term
"free-flowering" refer to the number of scapes/flowers per scape
produced, or does it mean that a plant may flower during any season?

Just out of curiosity, of the 60+ nepenthes, as well as the ones
you'll be adding to your collection, do you have any specimens of N.
villosa? I've only seen pictures, and think it is the most beautiful
nepthenes plant I have seen. I would expect those peculiar pitchers
to be problematic, though, which may explain its rarity in