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05 Dec 1994 20:47:00 +0200

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>I just subscribe to this board because I'm
>interested in Carniverous Plants. This
>broadcasting of election returns and arguments
>leaves me i the dust which is o.k., but it also
>fills my mailbox with things I don't need to,
>taking up precious space. I think it might be
>*proper ettiquite* to blast each other back and
>for to your own e-mai addresses. Have fun
>Gary Habeeb
>Nevada County, CA

I do not agree,

the theme of the debate is no less than the elections for positions in
ICPS (The International Carnivorous Plant Society). I guess that many of
the people who read CP are also members of the ICPS and so the future of
this most important organization for CP-lovers is of interest for many or
maybe most of us.

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