Andreas Wistuba (
05 Dec 1994 20:47:00 +0200

>Your friendly U.S. Senator can send you the
>CITES laws. It drove the legal aides at my
>senator's office crazy trying to find it, but
>heck, what do you pay taxes for?

As far as I understood and as far as my experience sending plants to the
US tells me, the main problem is not the law itself but lazy people at
certain places who rather let a parcel lay around in a shelf for weeks
than checking it...
When I had problems with shipments to the US (from Germany) never anything
was wrong with paperwork. The parcels were only delayed for a time for
whatever reason.
From my experience that s the main reason many people in the US who order
plants from outside the US do not want to go the legal way anymore... .

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