Re: B. liniflora germination (was: Hi!)

Adam Wexler (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 15:29:29 -0800 (PST)

I have just returned from Oz where B. linaeflora is native. After fire,
seedling regeneration is greatest, these plants grow mostly in fine sand,
with a low (20%) amount of organic matter. It is unclear whether it is
the heat of the fire or a compound in the smoke that triggers
germination. You may want to simulate a bush burn, cover the seeds with
a few mm of soil then place leaf litter (preferably from Australian
plants) over the seeds and burn it, use common sense when doing this, it
isn't too hard for a simulated bush fire to become a REAL one!
Keep the seeds moist afterwards. This might work, and it might not.
Good luck, and be careful. If you're not into simulating the smoke, just
pour hot water (pre-boil) over the seeds, let them stand for a few
minutes, sow some and give the remaining seed another shot of hot water.
This works well with Acacias another hard to germinate Aussie group.