B. liniflora germination (was: Hi!)

23 Nov 94 15:00:16 PT


> Im YA YA YA YA YA YA YA Y By the way, does anyone know how to get a
> better
>germination rate with B.li B.liniflora. I planted about 25 seeds, and
>only two germinated. I grew them in

>50 50 peat+sand, does anyone know another suitable mix?

Byblis liniflora seeds seem to like warmth and, sometimes, a lot of time
to germinate. I've had some germinate many months after the first few
came up. The time of year probably makes a big difference.
Stratification may help for more uniformity, but I hadn't tried it until
now (just sowed some seeds last week).

Other peat/sand/perlite mixes would probably be fine. My mini-bog, with
approx. 4/1/1 ratio as above, has a seedling in it that was doing quite
well until the weather got cooler.

Best of luck,


gdughi@t4a.dot.ca.gov Oakland, California, USA 37N, 122W