Re: spelling (again...):question

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 09:16:09 +0100


>I am by no means a botanist or a latinist; what is a genetive form (GF)
>or an adaptive form (AF)?

The genitive form (e.g. Nepenthes hookeri meaning Hooker4s pitcher plant)
indicates possession (Hooker did not really own the plant but it was
intended to dedicate the taxon to him in honour of his work on the genus,
and on Botany in general, of course).

The adjective form (e.g. Nepenthes hookeriana meaning the hookerian pitcher
plant) indicates a quality (this hybrid has none of Hooker4s qualities but
the reasons for this naming were similar as above).

The most important reason for allowing both, genitive and adjective forms
is the possibility to avoid younger homonyms, e.g.Utricularia tayloriana
JOSEPH & MANI is considered conspecific with _U.hirta_ by TAYLOR himself,
but it is still possible to describe a (hypothetic) "U.taylorii" validly

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